Flick Off

My family has been recycling and composting for as long as I can remember. Respect for the earth feels like it was never a new concept for me, but something I’d always had.

I can remember the very first time I heard about Flick Off. I was watching MuchMusic – one of the campaign’s sponsors – and the call to action was clear. The TV was not meant to be left on for background noise and the lights in your home were not meant to be left on when no one was in the room. They wanted us to use less energy. They wanted me to Flick Off. And I did! I made a conscious effort to make sure my family was responsible for helping our earth. I printed stickers and put them on the light switches in my home and I made sure no TV, radio, or computer was left on if it wasn’t in use.

Climate change is a scary thing I don’t believe we know enough about. There have been a number of efforts given by people and organizations across the globe to preserve our climate and help our environment but this one really stuck with me.

The campaign has been in a strange state of “hibernation” – as they’re calling it – for a couple of years now, but the original idea was very compelling to me. I appreciated that Canadians wanted to make a difference and I appreciated how simple the idea was. It was clear the campaign was targeting young Canadians at the time. The attitude behind the name of the campaign, the promotion on a popular music video station – they knew where their audiences were. Did it work? I was 19 years old and I was pretty easily motivated. They made it easy for me to understand what they wanted from me and the benefit to me was that I was helping the environment.

Another thing I liked about this campaign was the concept and the attitude translated into other parts of my life.
Flick off.
Flick off the negativity.
Flick off the current state of the environment, your life, or your career.
Flick off the things that aren’t working for you right now.
Flick off the things you can’t control.

I embraced the attitude of this campaign as a whole. It helped me see how easy it was for me to make a difference – not only with the environment, but also in my life’s path.

-Enjoy the ride.