Try an eco-friendly ice melter for your driveway

A huge pet peeve of mine is trying to walk up or down an icy, rut-filled driveway. The amount of snow we Winnipeggers have seen this winter is more than the last few years, but this does not mean we should just leave it to sit there.

The weather over the last couple weeks has been very inconsistent. The warm sun melts the snow into slush and water, only to have the chilly wind freeze it into rough, bumpy ice.

I’ve fallen down driveways a number of times this winter – mine included! My driveway is a long and narrow slope that becomes a not-so-fun slide when covered with this much ice.

The solution? Shovel your driveway? Too late for that.At this point, the build-up of ice might be too much for a shovel or ice pick to handle. That’s where enviro-friendly ice melting products come into play. Here are some tips on things you should be looking for in ice melting products:
• all natural
• eco-friendly
• biodegradable
• water-soluable
• salt-free
• non-toxic
• provides instant traction
• less run-off than rock salt

Another benefit to eco-friendly ice melters is they’re usually safe for children and pets!

Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, and Rona carry a variety of eco-friendly ice melter brands.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for warmer temperatures and let’s keep those driveways safe!

-Enjoy the ride.


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