Try one of Winnipeg’s “green” businesses

I came to Moksha Yoga Winnipeg originally to practice barre yoga thanks to a Groupon I’d purchased. I fell in love with the class, and I fell in love with the studio. The calm, fun, stress-free atmosphere, and the amazing instructors were just the dose of positivity I needed in my life.

“We are a group of independent hot yoga studios committed to ethical, compassionate and environmentally conscious living, and believe that the benefits of yoga are limitless and accessible to all.” – Moksha Yoga

After about 6 months of taking barre class, I became an Energy Exchange team member at Moksha’s Waverley location. I had heard about its green practices and was happy to know more about them. I help to maintain the studio’s cleanliness, prep and setup the studios before each practice, clean bathrooms and do the laundry. Every cleaning product the studio uses is a green alternative to an otherwise chemical-filled product – vinegar for the windows and mirrors, Benefect – a biodegradable cleaning product for the mats and various other items, and a multipurpose green solution cleaner for things like toilets, countertops and showers. Even the laundry soap – Ecos – is eco-friendly.

I appreciate when a business or organization has a set of principles they live and do business by. Moksha has outlined these 7 pillars as its philosophies to live by as a community.

• Be Healthy – “We work to support lifelong health for the body and mind”
• Be Accessible
• Live Green – “We live to protect and serve the natural world.”
• Sangha Support
• Reach Out
• Live to Learn
• Be Peace

Some aren’t for everyone – but to live healthy and to live green are two important themes I make an effort to bring more of into my life and it’s nice to know that a place I choose to spend my time at has similar beliefs. Living green and protecting and serving the natural world sounds a lot like treat others as you’d like to be treated to me. Treat the world around you with the respect it deserves, and that respect will come back to you.

It’s my hope that as we grow, the world around us will continue to grow with us and more Manitoba businesses and organizations will make the effort to live green.

Links to Moksha Yoga’s Green pages:

Green Tips Videos
Go Green Top 20 Tips


-Enjoy the ride.


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