Animals recycle too!

I’m a big fan of people who live within their means.

If you’re a penny pincher, if you’re living on a budget, if you’re working three jobs to keep up with expenses – it’s a skill and a talent to stay ahead of the game and stay in the black.

I appreciate when people do what they can to make use of things they have in their homes and in their space. A couple of my biggest pet peeves are buying a ton of something because it was on sale, and keeping things for years for no real reason – they’re just there. Times change, people evolve. Get rid of the clutter!

All this talk about people living within their means, and I found this post about animals who recycle and only do what’s necessary to survive. Adorable post as well as a helpful reminder that it is possible to live a simplistic, happy life.

Check out the post on Mother Nature Network


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