Try spring-cleaning

Last year was the first year I was excited to host my very own…garage sale!

I’m a fan of clean-living and between the garage, the basement, and especially my own room there wasn’t enough of that going on. I knew we had stuff – some call it junk, some call it used, some call it reusable. Anything that was destroyed went to the dump. Everything else, I donated.

I knew the garage was full. I knew we’d have to make piles, start organizing into groups and by material – it was a lot of work. I knew the basement had bins with old elementary and high school projects, stuffed animals, and board games. It was time for the memories to be passed along to someone new. I cleaned up, made a list of the items I had, and did my research. I didn’t care where everything went– but I did care that it was all passed along to someone who could really use or enjoy each piece.

Did I feel good after donating things I had no use for? Heck yes I did. Does this make it self-serving? Not in a negative way. It’s a little one man’s trash is another’s treasure – but in this case the trash has meaning and while is of no use to me, could really benefit others.

Aside from that the relief of finally clearing your mind and your space of clutter is extremely satisfying. Packing the huge bags full of clothes and totes so full I couldn’t put the lids on into the back of my truck was so gratifying. The work put in was hard and took a long time to sort but in the end, the clothes didn’t fit, the games weren’t being played, and the building materials were from a pipe dream my Dad had years ago about renovating the kitchen and bathroom. They were all meant for someone else.

If this is also your first spring-clean ever, or really big clean in the last while, you’ll be surprised at the number of things you can donate/repurpose – I guarantee it! I’m looking so forward to the warm weather and the joy that the melting of this snow will bring and I cannot wait for spring-cleaning: round 2. To de-clutter is to de-stress, and I could definitely use less stress in my life!

Items I donated (listed) went to the following recycling and drop off locations:

Habitat for Humanity Restore
60 Archibald Street
– lumber, plant pots, carpet, tiles, tools

Winnipeg Humane Society
– newspaper, blankets

Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue
– newspaper, blankets

Miller Environmental
– old paint cans, laser printer, aerosols, batteries, lightbulbs

Canadian TireCity of Winnipeg Oil Recycling Page
– used oil containers and filters, drip pans,

Siloam Mission
– winter parkas, winter boots, winter gloves, mitts, and toques

Goodwill Store
– clothing, books, puzzles, toys

Visit each individual site for details on what materials each organization can accept.

-Enjoy the ride.


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