Try green building materials

Recycled tires = rubber mats.

Last year, as a part of my magazine project we had to design a booth for the magazine trade fair. As our magazine was focused on sustainable living in Manitoba, my group and I knew we had to be super creative and come up with a really neat way to incorporate recycled products into our booth.

I know a few people in the tire industry and I’d heard about recycling programs in Alberta that take the old, overused tires and turn them into crumbs for playgrounds (to replace sand or rocks), and mulch for gardens (to replace compostable leaves and mowed grass).

I did some research into what else could be created with recycled tires and found mats for truck beds, barn floor covers, rubberized asphalt, gym mats, splash pads and a bunch of other innovative ideas.

I envisioned a booth made entirely of recycled tires. I had to do some more research as I hadn’t yet stumbled upon anything Manitoba-made.

That’s when I made the call to Reliable Tire RecyclingManitoba’s premier tire recycler and largest collector and processor of scrap tires in Manitoba.

I went for a tour of their showroom and was shown all their neat products. My dream became a reality and I couldn’t have been happier with the display. We had the mats, we fixated them to some sturdy repurposed plywood to make sure they’d stand up on their own, and voila – we had a booth.

We pinned our posters to it, displayed our green thumb promises, and promoted the heck out of the fact that we created an entire display booth out of recycled materials!

Each of Reliable Tire Recycling’s products are made using scrap tires found, donated, and also collected from local businesses in Manitoba. You have the option to drop tires off directly at their office, or drop them off at a local tire shop where RTR will pick them up for free!

For more information on greening up your life with recycled tires, check out this video!

-Enjoy the ride.

(Photo of our booth in an earlier post)


One thought on “Try green building materials

  1. Interesting article and video! I agree that there would be a number of ways you could use recyclable tires and programs that could help make this world a cleaner, more better place to live. Thanks for sharing!

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