Try green event storage

I coordinated my first HUGE event this past weekend. I knew I would need storage bins prior to the event, as well as during, to haul prizes and help manage the event’s storage needs throughout the day. I couldn’t have been happier than when I came across a tweet that read “Free event storage! Contact us today” with a photo of a storage bin along with the Modular Storage Systems logo.

I’d never heard of Modular Storage Systems before so I immediately went to the website and sent off an email inquiring about the tweet.

I got a response, by phone, from a REAL person the next day and she told me they’d be more than happy to provide free storage bins for my event. They have a variety of storage solutions, and the one that fit my needs was the MOD5 Trunk bin.
The Trunk bins are described as: durable yet light-weight bins made of corrugated plastic. Features include sturdy, double-hinged lids, ergonomically moulded handles for easy carrying, and are constructed for optimal stack-ability and space optimization.
The bins were a HUGE help!

Photo courtesy of: Modular Storage Systems on Facebook

Photo courtesy of: Modular Storage Systems on Facebook

I picked up my bins a couple weeks before my event as things were starting to pile up in my basement. I signed my agreement for 10 trunk bins (perfect amount of storage space) and it made the transportation of all of my supplies and event equipment, as well as overall setup and event storage so much easier.

Something more events need to look into. It was great to have no waste because of storage. We didn’t have any cardboard boxes to break down or recycle, nothing to add to a landfill, no muss no fuss. The bins were easy to stack when I picked them up, and once they were full, I could fit 6 non-stacked bins in my truck bed!

MSS also offers self storage options for businesses, students, and those on the move. Check out the full line of products here.

More details on MSS Facebook Page
Follow them on Twitter

– Enjoy the ride.


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