Try #conservation

Sustainability is a multifaceted concept, and water conservation plays a big part in bringing that concept to life. Sustainable planning is key to helping us ready ourselves for what may come in the future. Our global population is growing, consumption is on the rise, and water is essential to human life.

According to Environment Canada, the average household uses water in the following fashion:

Toilet flushing – 30%
Showers and baths – 35%
Laundry – 20%
Kitchen and drinking – 10%
Cleaning – 5%

In Manitoba, it is a luxury when we turn on our taps, clean, fresh water fills our glasses (with the exception of course of some brown water issues we had earlier this year). It is a luxury that we have organizations, governments, and leaders who are protecting our bodies of water, and it is a luxury that we live in Canada and have access to a seemingly limitless water supply.

“The objective of Manitoba’s water conservation policies is to conserve and manage the lakes, rivers, groundwater and wetlands of Manitoba so as to protect the ability of the environment to sustain life and provide environmental and economic benefits, along with other values to existing and future generations.” Government of Manitoba

Water is not a limitless resource. Our throw-away society makes it easy to neglect the impact throwing away has – because it’s become a norm. It’s both a wasteful, and selfish way to live – something Canadians are not known for.

Protecting our environment, and our water supply is essential.
To find out more about wetlands, water use efficiency, and how the Province is working to improve our water, check out the Water Information page.

Go learn something!

-Enjoy the ride.


2 thoughts on “Try #conservation

  1. It’s important to get kids thinking about what they can do in this regard, too. I was chatting with my daughter about this the other day — just imagine how much clean water would be wasted if you left the water running the whole time you brushed your teeth, twice a day, every day, all year? It’s good to think about how much those little bits add up.

    • I completely agree! The more they know about the world around them, the better. When things like the amount of water wasted if left on while brushing teeth get put into a perspective that is easier for more people to relate to, it makes more of an impact.

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