Sustainability: the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance (dictionary.com)

Sustainability isn’t just about changing light bulbs, or taking the bus.
Sustainability isn’t just making changes for our kids, or for our future.

It’s about creating a healthy, stable environment for us, right now.

For myself, sustainability in 2014 is:
– carpooling to school, everyday
– using Tupperware containers for leftovers (instead of saran wrap)
– recycling toilet paper rolls (instead of tossing them in the bathroom garbage)
– buying less “stuff” (cleaning like crazy, and only buying what I need, when I need it)
– planting a garden (yay spring project!)
– keeping a reusable bag in my car (I don’t need 25 of them in my pantry)

These changes will make a difference in my world. These changes are new, but they will become habits in no time. Right now there is some effort to think about the act and to remember to execute the task, but it is also a challenge – and I love a challenge!

Challenge yourself to make a change. Big or small, they impact us all.

I have never completely followed through on any of my resolutions. Resolutions are often big, complicated dreams, significant changes, or long-term goals. Resolutions I’ve made in the past were for the sake of making them, not for making a commitment to achieve the goal. This year I’m starting with 6 simple steps to make my life better – while I’m still here living in it.

Share your resolutions!

– Enjoy the ride.


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