Try reusing plastic bags

Plastic bags are one of the worst offenders in the recycling world. There are too many of them to eliminate and they are still in production.

Luckily some places – like Sobeys and Walmart – take them and recycle them in bulk.

Save landfill space and breathe new life into the bags you’ve accumulated over the years.

Try your best to bring your own reusable bags with you wherever you go – but for the times you don’t remember, here are some ways you can reuse them:

1. Use as liners for waste bins
2. Use as knee pads when gardening
3. Use as a lunch bag
4. Use for pet waste disposal
5. Use for small shopping trips, grocery shopping, or garage sale shopping
6. Use as storage bags
7. Use to wrap shoes/clothes/toiletries when packing for trip
8. Use to protect fragile items when shipping, mailing, putting into storage, or moving
9. Line paint trays with bags, rather than buying a disposable plastic pan liners
10. Keep one or two in your car to collect trash
11. In cold winter weather use to cover mirrors on the outside of your vehicle to keep the ice from forming
12. Use to protect outdoor plants from frost at night – place the bag over the plant and tie tightly around the bottom
13. Use to protect and keep tables and surfaces clean when doing arts and crafts
14. Give toys a sense of adventure – make parachutes for action figures
15. Use a scrunched up bag when painting to add a neat texture and design element
16. Cut bags into strips, then use tape to make handles or to bind the ends to make- pompoms
17. Donate bags to food banks, libraries, non-profits, hospitals, and day-care centres

Some interesting plastic bag projects – for the times you’re feeling crafty:
Plastic bag wreath

Plastic bag painting

Plastic bag fashion boots

Plastic bag jump rope

-Enjoy the ride.


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