Try building with recycled materials

THIS is the neatest thing!

I’ve heard of clothes and even houses made with recycled materials – but this is an entire store – made entirely out of trash. The entire building (except the merchandise – of course) was made with recycled materials.

Nike’s latest concept store in Shanghai, China (Nike X158) was made using recycled aluminum cans, plastic bottles, DVDs and CDs.


What’s even neater is, because the builders didn’t use any glue or chemicals to build the store, all of the materials they used can be recycled again!

The amazing origami ceiling is made from recycled DVDs, while cables and the building’s joints were made out of recycled cans. The ceiling is adjustable and can be repositioned to fit different programs. Around 2,000 yards of tension cables were made using 2,000 recycled water bottles gathered all across China. The connection joints were made from 5,278 aluminum cans. from: here

The studio that designed the store – Miniwiz – is well known in Taiwan for its sustainable designs.

I can’t wait for the day when our world is designed for sustainability over looks, and speed. This concept store is beautiful and there is so much to be said for finding beauty and purpose in previously used materials. The ingenuity it takes to create such a concept is enviable. I’d love to have the skills to know how to design a door, or window frame as it is. The designers and builders took simplicity and typical design to the next level when they created this store. I love hearing stories about forward-thinkers. It’s so interesting how ideas like this come about. There is the need, the brainstorming, the trials, back to brainstorming, editing and recalculating, and then there is an execution. Somewhere in this brainstorming session, someone pushed the boundaries, popped the bubble, and jumped outside the box. That’s exciting.

I’m interested to see if this design trend takes off. In the next 10 years will stores be made like this one? Will grocery stores and big box malls be made using their recycled materials? This is what can happen when you recycle. These are the results.

Nike X158

-Enjoy the ride.


2 thoughts on “Try building with recycled materials

    • Totally agree! The photos are amazing – thanks for sharing. It’s so neat when people can think outside the box to really reinvent the wheel and create amazing structures like these.

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