Try The Insulation Installation Program

Oh the weather outside…

It’s a chilly 7 degrees outside this afternoon in Winnipeg.

It’s time to cold-proof your house!

Lucky for us, we have Manitoba Hydro. Hydro offer rebates to qualifying homeowners who install additional insulation to their existing infrastructure.

The Power Smart Insulation Installation Program is an effective, energy efficient way to keep your home cozy in the colder weather.

Manitoba Hydro’s website is a great resource for tips on how to save money, save energy, and save the environment by being Power Smart.

Power Smart Home Insulation Tips (from

Almost 13 per cent of Manitoba’s annual energy use is for heating our homes. Here are some small changes you can make around your home to save energy and achieve an even temperature throughout your home:
• Caulk and seal gaps to keep the warm air in and the cold air out.
• If your attic is much warmer than the outside air, your home may be leaking heat. Seal gaps and air leaks around light fixtures, pipes, ducts and exhaust fans in ceilings to save up to $20 a year.
• Caulk and seal gaps to prevent air leakage:
o 30 to 50 per cent of air leakage gets in underneath the baseboards and through the wall outlets.
o 20 per cent of air leakage gets in through holes where plumbing pipes and telephone wires enter the house and other gaps.
• If your bedroom windows face north, keep your blinds shut when convenient during the cooler winter months.

-Enjoy the ride


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