Try the new Team Canada jerseys

I’ve found myself an opportunity to talk about two of my loves this week: hockey and the helping the environment – how convenient!

Hockey Canada and Nike unveiled the Team Canada jerseys for the 2014 Olympics on Tuesday.

Photo credit: Hockey Canada

Photo credit: Hockey Canada

I like them! The new look is a combination of the desire to pay tribute to vintage Team Canada jerseys, while keeping a sleek, tailored, modern fit. The new style is made from a much lighter fabric than a typical hockey jersey, and uses less material.

The material the jerseys are made from is recycled polyester!

Hockey Canada says the jerseys (and socks) are made from 73 per cent recycled polyester as part of Nike’s commitment to produce performance apparel with reduced environmental impact. Each jersey is made from up to 17 recycled plastic water bottles.

This awesome info-graphic shows how plastic bottles are recycled into synthetic fabrics – like polyester.

Photo credit: Boardroom Eco Apparel

Photo credit: Boardroom Eco Apparel

The unveiling of the Team Canada jerseys is always a big moment. Not only does it reinforce the magnitude of the Olympics, it signifies the start of something huge. The coverage of the orientation camp in August was just the beginning – this is the next step. For me, Canadian hockey is about pride, and seeing our boys in their jerseys, with a cut-out maple leaf, in the boldest of country colours, is something really special.

I am a big fan of the pro-sustainability message both Hockey Canada and Nike are promoting with the new jerseys, and I can’t wait for Sochi 2014!

-Enjoy the ride.


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