Try understanding your recycling.

The City of Winnipeg’s 311 Water and Waste website is full of information about the city’s new recycling policies. IMO, the most important useful information they provide is their explanation of what does and does not go into recycling carts.

For years, Winnipeggers have been “recycling” all of their plastics (including hazardous waste and oil containers), aluminium pie plates, and styrofoam only to gather these items in plastic bags, and place them all in their at-home recycling bins.

This easy-to-understand poster can be printed and posted at home, at work or at school to let everyone know what can and cannot be recycled in Manitoba.

Plastic bag recycling is a huge ongoing issue in Manitoba. Wherever possible, use reusable bags when you shop. Another option is to take plastic bags to a store with a collection program. Safeway and Walmart have collection programs at their retail locations. The Winnipeg Humane Society and Winnipeg Harvest also accept plastic bags to reuse and recycle.

For the complete list of what you can and cannot put in your recycling bin, as well as some tips with where to take things that are not recyclable, visit the Recycling Cart Collection FAQ page on the 311 website.

-Enjoy the ride!


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