Try sustainable living, at work!

Going green at the office can be seen as a challenge, too much responsibility, or something someone else should take care of.

It’s easier than even to accept that challenge, take on the responsibility and green-ify your workspace.

A great place to start is to elect a green team. Assemble a group of representatives from each department, or from each floor. Rotate positions quarterly to keep new ideas fresh and assign green responsibilities to each team member.

• Stop printing at work. Review newsletters and important documents online
• Add a “Please consider the environment before printing this email” signature to all employee signatures
• Encourage email communication rather than printing out each email or fax
• Post important documents to an intranet
• Save important documents on a USB or hard drive to view on multiple devices
• To use less paper print on both sides of the page
• Opt in to direct deposit your paycheck

• Compost bin
• Recycling bin
• Waste bin
• *NOTE: Bins should be in equal numbers and paired for maximum convenience and efficiency

• Old electronics (cell phones, pagers, printers, scanners, monitors…)
• Paper (folders, books, scraps…)
• Ink cartridges
• Make notepads from scrap paper (keep a box to collect scrap paper at your desk or beside the main printer)
• Water bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles & juice boxes
• Cardboard
• Office magazines

• Set up a carpool schedule. Find out who wants to be involved, group people together based on where they live and make a schedule to rotate the drivers.
• Winnipeg Transit EcoPass

• Anything that’s plugged in that you’re not using is still using energy when (phone charger, radio, TV, phone (conference or board room), lights, printers, scanner, speakers)
• Use energy saving settings when unplugging isn’t an option
• Use timers when switching off isn’t an option

• When buying cleaning products stay away from harsh chemicals. Green Works cleaners are available for corporate orders and in the cleaning aisles of all major grocery stores
• Clean smart. If it’s dust, probably doesn’t need a cleaner, just a damp cloth.

• Pack a lunch in a reusable bag and use containers instead of bags for lunch items
• Keep a glass, mug and water bottle at the office to reuse
• Offer a rewards program. Gold stars and free coffee go a long way!

Get it started. Be the change. Be the person who starts something new today.

What does your workplace do to be more sustainable?

-Enjoy the ride.


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