Try to modify, not deny.

One of the best things about caring about the environment is the variety of ways you can show you care. There are seemingly endless DIY projects, crafts, ideas, suggestions, and tips that help to create more eco-friendly environments.

It’s important to know that like any lifestyle change, being more eco-friendly is a conscious decision, is a commitment, and will make a noticeable difference.

Living an environmentally friendly life is really easy. A lot of the things that are already natural in our daily or weekly lives may only need slight modifications which is a lot less intimidating that creating a whole new routine.

Making the choice to live a better, healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle does pay off in terms of environmental impact as well as the personal, emotional ‘man I feel really good about myself for making this change’ impact too.

The next series of posts will be about ways to sustainify your workplace, home and the people around you. Here are some ideas to help get your brain juices flowing!

A very simple way to “green” your space: place a recycling bin beside every garbage can in your space. Blue recycling bins are available at Canadian Tire, Walmart and Rona, but Rubbermaid or dollar store bins work too.

A convenient way to green your space: shop local. Buy local foods, buy local produce and buy locally made clothes and furnishings.

An extreme and more literal way to green your space: build one!

-Enjoy the ride.

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2 thoughts on “Try to modify, not deny.

  1. Melanie Lee Lockhart says:

    So often we think of personal improvements as “all or nothing,” when incremental steps help. Even if I’m not quite ready to give up my car, there are still plenty of smaller steps I can easily take that, added together, can have an impact. 🙂

  2. Agreed! The “what’s in it for me?” is always more important – in this case your car. Definitely not all or nothing. What’s in it for me is the satisfaction of knowing I contribute to something much bigger than I’ll ever be.

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