Try moving forward!

It’s that time. Time for change and time for moving forward.

Moving forward is my August New Year’s resolution. (They exist.) I’m 25, soon-to-be 26, and it’s time to follow that curvy-lined gravel road.

My blog is one of the first stops.

I am still so inspired by the work my group and I put together for Sprout – a magazine about sustainable living and local environmental issues in Manitoba. #CreComm. The research I did, the information I absorbed, the questions I can answer for myself and other people now that I know more about recycling, composting, the environment, green spaces, really neat DIY projects, and most of all how easy it is to make a difference have all given me reason enough to share what I now know.

I owe some of the credit to Recycle Everywhere, too. I’ve worked as a Street Team Member and Street Team Event Coordinator for the past two years and have loved it! Interacting with the public, knowing more about how the program increases recycling behaviours in Manitoba, research about recycling in Manitoba and recycling beverage containers, touring a MRF (Emterra Environmental’s Material Recovery Facility in Winnipeg) are all really interesting things I’ve learned and done in that time.

This blog will stay “Try This, Not That!” but will have a more focused eco-friendly message.

I hope to use the many resources Manitoba has in the planet-friendly sector to inform, create conversation and most of all TRY.

To those who’ve followed the journey so far, thanks! I hope you’ll continue to follow alongas things get exciting! To those who are just hopping onboard – welcome. Have a look around. Like what you see? Comment on a post!

-Enjoy the ride.


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