Try the new VIP theatre, not too often though…

As part of an assignment for school, I was sent out to do a review of something new to Winnipeg. I chose the new Cineplex Odeon McGillivray and VIP Cinemas and am suggesting that you try if you’re curious about the experience.

A lounge, three VIP 18+ auditoriums, reserved seating and the privilege to order food and alcoholic beverages have changed the typical movie theatre experience at Cineplex Odeon McGillivray and VIP Cinemas (2190 McGillivray Boulevard). Walking through the sliding glass doors into the Cineplex VIP Lounge and Auditoriums is like walking into an invite-only party.

Important to note: You get to choose your seats in the VIP auditoriums. If you’re meeting up with friends, make sure you know which seats they’ve chosen. Also, when you see the seating chart, it seems as though the bottom of the monitor will have the seats closest to the screen. It’s the opposite.

The lights are dim in the lounge. There’s plenty of seating for a couple’s night out or for larger groups. A stand with the usual candies, popcorn and pop seems out of place between the exclusive entrance and chic lounge area.

Important to note: Food and beverage service in the lounge doesn’t transfer into the auditoriums. You’ll have to place a separate order for that service. Once inside the auditorium, service stops 10-15 minutes before the previews. It’s best to find your pre-selected seats and place orders as early as possible.

There are four bathrooms in the VIP area – three unisex and one handicapped. At 2:30 pm on a Sunday afternoon there was a line-up for the bathrooms. The halls are narrow and the bathroom doors are heavy to open.

The menu, with appetizers, entrées, desserts and alcoholic beverages, is very simple. The prices for the quantity are reasonable, but the food itself isn’t too exciting.

The vegetable spring rolls (6 for $7.99) were bland. Luckily they came with plum sauce.

The Crispy Chicken Ranch wrap ($12.99) wasn’t crispy, and was full of lettuce. The cheese, tomatoes and chicken were sparse. A side Caesar salad (additional $1.50) was overpowered with dressing.

The drink menu has frozen classics, cocktails, martinis, beer and red and white wines.

I tried Blueberry frost – a purple cocktail mixed with coconut rum and pineapple juice and fresh blueberries for garnish. ($6.99 for 1oz) It was very sweet, but delicious!

The comfortable leather seats have armrests that when lifted, turn the seats into a loveseat. A cute idea for a date night!

A ticket for the VIP auditoriums is $17.50. For a 3-D experience it’s $20.50. ID is required as the VIP auditoriums and lounge are 18+.
From where I sat, the $7 premium for this experience isn’t one to go for on a regular basis. I would choose it over a typical theatre for an event like a UFC event, business meeting or premiere screening.

Try it to say you’ve tried it, but save your pennies and go for the classic experience if movie nights are your thing.

-Enjoy the ride.

Have you been to the new theatre? What’d you think? Post a comment and let me know!


5 thoughts on “Try the new VIP theatre, not too often though…

  1. Braiden Watling says:

    “The comfortable leather seats have armrests that when lifted, turn the seats into a loveseat.” this literally BLEW MY MIND. I think I want go sometime but it’s so far away 😦

  2. kaileybarron says:

    Thanks for the info Sarah! I really enjoyed this detailed, carefully thought out review. I will try it, but I will definitely keep your tips in mind before I go!

  3. Aren’t you two the sweetest!
    Braiden – It’s worth the trip, if you’re interested in the experience, for sure.

    Kailey – Do keep the tips in mind. I wish I’d have known about them before I went!

  4. Melanie Lee Lockhart says:

    I live right near there and have been thinking about going. I’m glad I got all this great advice before going — I’m much better prepared now. Thanks!

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