Try taking flight!

Try this not that stepped up to a whole new level Wednesday evening.

A great friend of mine – Sara – is an aerialist. She’s been training and performing for eight years and the wicked climbs, twirls and tumbles she can do with just two pieces of fabric and some upper body strength is amazing!

Sara and her group Take Flight train at Fantastic Gymnastics – every Wednesday for a couple hours.

I thought it’d be cool to go watch and see what she does.

I quit gymnastics when I was six because I stubbed my toe on my way inside the building and didn’t want to go back. This was going to be interesting….

I got there and got to try it out for myself! I jumped on trampolines, flew into crash mats and tried a few not-so-simple moves with the fabrics. I was my six-year-old self again – the day before I stubbed my toe.

As Sara was showing me how to position myself, I noticed the names for their positions were odd. No numbers or sequence – “Drop of water”, “Corset rolls” and “Slack drops” were what the girls were practicing.

By the end of the session my feet were cramped and I was reminded that I need to work on my upper body strength – but it was way too fun to stop! I had a great time trying something new and I’d encourage anyone to try it if you can!

In this photo you’ll see in the background how awesome the group is. I learned how to make a cocoon, while they tumbled and twirled and hung upside down.



I learnt my numbers too….the number 4



Here’s Sara!

Sara - she's amazing!

Sara – she’s amazing!

Take Flight will be teaching classes come January! Visit in the coming weeks to find out more about classes and upcoming events.

Try new things this holiday!
Make the time. Report back.

-Enjoy the ride.


2 thoughts on “Try taking flight!

  1. I left gymnastics around the time my gym was getting a Russian coach with circus experience. He installed silk ropes and everyone got really good at them. Lovely photos!

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