Try volunteering!

Me with Obby Khan and Brendon Labatte  (Former Winnipeg Blue Bombers)

Me with Obby Khan and Brendon Labatte (Former Winnipeg Blue Bombers)

Volunteering will change your life. You can quote me on that.

The opportunities to volunteer in our city are endless. Just about any and every industry host conferences or events, sports leagues have teams to run and charities have causes to support. The conferences need registration staff, events need runners, sports teams need coaches and referees and charities need fundraisers. Also, set-up and tear down crews, audio/visual assistants and digital media volunteers are in high demand.

Volunteers are needed and appreciated. Luckily, in all the volunteer work I’ve done, I’ve always felt like I made a difference.

The positions I’ve held include:
• door-to-door canvassing for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba
• preparing meals for the teams at the IIHF Women’s World Hockey Championship
• day-of-coordinator for Fountain Tire’s series of 10th anniversary celebration BBQs,
• merchandise sales for Team Canada Volleyball,
• live tweeter and media accreditor at the Manito Ahbee Festival.

I’m also a member of the Winnipeg Football Club’s Flight Crew.

Volunteering this October for the Winnipeg Football Club.

Volunteering this October for the Winnipeg Football Club.

Aside from the personal satisfaction and fulfillment I get from volunteering, it’s also important to note that it’s a perfect way to make connections, network and meet new friends.

One of the best things about volunteering is the demand. I’ve never had my application turned away because too many volunteers applied. There are always jobs for working hands to do. At most events, typical positions include: ticket scanner, 50/50, fan greeter, supervisor, scorekeeper, clean-up crew, garbage collection, seat-filler, traffic director, route marshal, food and beverage attendant, registration, information booth, security and site maintenance.

Another great thing is once you start volunteering, don’t stop. Your first time, try a position then try a different one the following year. If you’re a returning volunteer, be sure to mention that on your application. The first year I volunteered for the CIBC Run for the Cure, I was a face painter. I had a great time working with the kids, but the following year I wanted more responsibility. I applied to be an entertainment coordinator, and got the position because one of the organizers remembered me from the previous year.

My advice to you is; volunteer for an organization or cause you’re familiar with. Start somewhere you’re comfortable so you can bring some relevant knowledge or understanding to the position. Once you’ve jumped in, try new and different challenges.

Interested in volunteering? Fill out an application and get started today!
Here’s a list of organizations that need one-time, seasonal or year-round help:

Volunteer Manitoba

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba

Winnipeg Humane Society

Winnipeg Harvest

Live Tweeting during the Manito Ahbee Festival

Live Tweeting during the Manito Ahbee Festival

Christmas Cheer Board

Alzheimer Society of Manitoba

CancerCare Manitoba

Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter

Winnipeg Art Gallery

St. Boniface Hospital


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