Try saying “No”, not always “Yes”.



No is negative, no is abrupt, no is one of the first words kids learn to say.

No is a word I used too often through my youngest years, and as I’ve grown older I’ve used less.

I’m a yes-person about 97% of the time. I’m generally super positive, confident and open-minded. “No” is so hard to say sometimes! But all those “yes’s” sure do catch up with me.

“Yes I’ll play on your slo-pitch team,” (even though I already play on two.)
“Yes I work a full-time job,” (and a part-time job.)
“Yes I’ll volunteer for that sports organisation,” (and that cultural event, blitz promotion and foundation)

I’m always saying YES.

I am in school full-time, working 2 part time jobs, considering a 3rd job for Christmas break, interning for the school newspaper, baking every weekend, volunteering for the Blue Bombers and the Manito Ahbee Festival and taking a weekly zumba class.

All this while trying to buy a house, plan for my future, buy Christmas gifts while they’re on sale (TIP: just about anything is cheaper any time before mid-November).

Whose idea was this again?

Last weekend alone I worked, finished a project for my radio class, worked on an essay, went to three Halloween parties, shopped for a weekend at the cabin and went to a friend’s birthday dinner.

Sometimes, like now, it’s time to start saying no.

I strongly believe the decisions I end up making, are the right decisions to make at the time. In the last week I’ve turned down three opportunities. Two were job offers and one was a volunteer position.

In turning down those opportunities I allowed myself enough time to dedicate to things like interning for the Projector and spending some time with friends over the weekend. I also left some available time to fill if I feel like it! I’m an expert time-filler.

Saying no isn’t always easy. I want to be busy, I want to see my friends, and I want to be a part of bigger things. When turning down an opportunity, it’s important to be polite. Acknowledge and appreciate that someone has put their faith in you to carry out a task or attend an event, but that it’s just not the right time.

The life you’re living is your gift. The time you have been given should be spent knowing that. Don’t fear saying “no” in the sense that you’ll miss out, (I’m all for staying in on those lazy days spent watching five seasons of Friends.) something else will happen in place of that “no”.

I’ve found that so many great opportunities can be thrown at us in such short periods of time that sometimes the “no” we worry about saying, is exactly what we need to do, to experience as much as we can.

-Enjoy the ride.


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