“Try learning from your decisions, don’t waste that knowledge.”

I’m a firm believer that life happens for a reason. It’s not always a good, positive reason, nor is it always an advantage or of any help at the time. Life can be completely random, so can the reasons it happens.

There is always reason. The choices we make are made to teach us something. We’re always learning from good and bad decisions. We’re meant to take something away from our experience.

When things work out well, it’s likely that someone gave some help, insight or advice along the way. Thank them. They made the decision to help you. (Purpose, meet reason.)

When things don’t work out so well, or something happens to shake up your world, the reason isn’t always as clear. It’ll come, eventually. Don’t go looking for it, it won’t be obvious. It’ll be something that will follow you and influence your entire life.

Make yourself a better person in light of the decision or event. Whether it’s influence was good or bad, make the effort to work on yourself. Learn from your experience. Become better, become stronger.

We’re all here for a reason.
Find yours.

-Enjoy the ride.


4 thoughts on ““Try learning from your decisions, don’t waste that knowledge.”

  1. Melanie Lee Lockhart says:

    Since you wrote about being a country music fan a few posts back, I have to mention a Garth Brooks song from the 90s that supports your message from a different perspective; the refrain was “some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.” Whether you attribute it to God or other forces, sometimes it takes a while to see why things happen the way they do… but there are always things we can learn.

  2. kipress says:

    Melissa Martin also had a great post recently about owning your own stories — including the stories of your own mistakes. You won’t learn from them if you hide from them.

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