“Try to soak it all in, not get lost in the moment.”

The weekend went like this…

Friday October 5th – I got home from school around 5 o’clock and immediately turned into one of those toys with those knobs on the back that you wind up to watch the toy go crazy. I had to pack for that night, organize all the paraphernalia I’d need for the wedding, shower, and pack for Sunday’s brunch. On top of all that, I had to be at the bride-to-be’s place by 7pm for bevies and sushi.

After some girl time at the house, I drove to the brand new Holiday Inn on Ellice (host hotel) to mingle with family. I’d say about ¾ of the guests were from out of town. The “hello agains” and “nice to meet yous” lasted until about 1:30 am.

Saturday October 6th I woke up early for breakfast and ate way too much. Supper wasn’t until 6pm and I knew I’d have no time for lunch. I threw on my stretchy pants, picked up my boyfriend’s Grandma and we were off to get out hair done. (see Janne at InStages – she did an awesome job!!)

1:45pm: I was back at the hotel, makeup was done, dress was on and because things can never go smoothly on a wedding day, the lady I was supposed to take along with me to Hitch’n Post was late. Too bad! I left without her. I had a plan to follow and had to stay on schedule! (There were buses that brought guests to the Hitch’n Post. She made it relatively on time. *insert eye roll*)

Since I was there early, I had a chance to explore the setup and get my greeting station ready. The venue is gorgeous! This wedding was planned as a huge, relaxed, country-style wedding, and thanks to the venue, that’s exactly what we got!

(During this time, a surprise photo booth photographer (gift from bride’s sister) showed up. Wooo! Check that off of my to-do list!)

As guests started to arrive, I introduced myself, made small talk and escorted the them to their seats. At around 3:45, I went inside to check on the bride. A quick toast with a glass of white wine and it was go-time! I hurried back outside to get the groom, his men and the bride’s dad in place. The ceremony started right at 4pm. (Thank you very much!)

A beautiful song, sung by the groom’s niece and sister guided everyone down the aisle. The Justice threw a few jokes into the short ceremony and the groom’s tears of joy from the made for a very unexpected, very emotional moment for me. All that planning, and finally it hit me that I was AT the wedding!

Following the ceremony I escorted everyone inside, helped guests find their seats, collected cards and a few gifts, asked guests to sign guestbook and handed out drink tickets. Around 5:30pm the line finally died down and I sat at my table with my boyfriend’s cousins.

Time for dinner! When tables are called randomly at weddings or Christmas parties, mine’s ALWAYS near the end. Ours was called 5th! I pushed my way through the cousins to get the buffet-style meal. The food was deeeeeeelicious! I ate a little bit of everything, roast beef, beans, perogies, coleslaw, dinner rolls, cabbage rolls, corn and meatballs. The apple crisp with vanilla ice cream was perfection. Have great food at your wedding. And wine on the tables.

The speeches were short and simple. The couple wanted to party as quickly as they could! Their MC was hilarious. He had a very dry delivery and hid his jokes at the end of his sentences.

Towards the end of the night, the music was disappointing. With so many guests that had come from out of town, most of them left on the two earlier busses back to the hotel. This left a very small crowd around midnight and the party shut down early.

October 7th Sunday’s come-and-go brunch was a success. Visiting and chatting with ~250 people is much easier when you’re all stuffed in one room. Everyone who’d planned to stay in town until Monday was invited back to the couple’s home after brunch. We ate, sang, played guitars, looked through old photos and reminisced.

I had a wonderful time. Sharing a wedding as intimately as I did with my boyfriend’s dad and his wife is an experience I’ll always treasure. The planning stages, the preparing stages, and seeing things through worked out because I was the gal for the job. I appreciate their faith in me! I’m a huge family person and I’m glad I had this opportunity to meet and reengage with so many people.

-Enjoy the ride!


One thought on ““Try to soak it all in, not get lost in the moment.”

  1. Cathy says:

    There’s nothing like preparing for something BIG, like a wedding, to make you feel close to those involved! Sounds like a super weekend!

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