“Try a day-of-coordinator, not a relative!”

My boyfriend’s Dad is getting remarried this Saturday.

I’ve been excited about this wedding since we found out a couple months ago that it was finally happening. I love weddings!! Naturally, I offered 100% of my services to the pre-planning stage, as I knew I’d be starting school at the end of August.

This wedding will be at the Hitch’Post Ranch, just outside the city, and its theme is country-casual. The bridesmaids will wear knee-length, halter style, blue gingham dresses and the groomsmen will be in black suits and cowboy boots. The suit pants are likely to be subbed out for jeans after the ceremony! [LOVE it!]

There are 250-something people coming to this wedding. INSANE! Some advice, if you aren’t planning for ~300 people, don’t invite 300 people! Keep in mind I know maybe 30 of the ~250 guests. This will come up later.

I LOVE planning and organizing and making sure things go the way they were planned. It was a no-brainer for my boyfriend’s family that I’d be involved in this wedding. I’ve helped out at the corporate Christmas parties, planned corporate anniversary BBQs with/for them and they know I’m GREAT at it.

I’m super-crafty so I started right away with organizing the centerpiece making, seating arrangements, designing ice-breakers, finding dress ideas and patterns and guest-favour shopping and assembling. We had some fun nights choosing food and wines too! Most of my ideas were used for the DIY projects as were my suggestions regarding the order of things to check off our lists. We accomplished a LOT in two short months.

This past Monday, five days before the wedding, I get an email from the bride-to-be with an attached agenda for the day’s events.

SARAH TONE is highlighted in yellow in just about every time slot.

The ceremony is at 4pm, dinner starts at 6. I’m scheduled throughout the entire afternoon to encourage guests to sign the guestbook and the giant canvas they plan to hang as “wedding art”, usher guests to their seats (remember, I only know about 30/250), run coat check, collect wedding cards, run the photo booth, hand out “goodies” to the kids that make it to the reception…among other tasks.

Thank goodness there’s wine on the tables!

I’ve had a couple days to let this all sink in, and despite my initial reaction, I’m tossing whatever plans I had for the day out the chuck wagon and am looking very forward to the massive party! I’ll get to meet some more of my boyfriend’s family, and spend most of the night dancing with the ones I’ve come to call my own family.

Moral of the story: When it comes to coordinating and organizing events, I’m your gal! [A heads up IS always appreciated.] A wedding isn’t meant to be planned alone – try asking for help! Even at the last minute. 😉

I’ll post a follow-up next week!

Enjoy the ride!


6 thoughts on ““Try a day-of-coordinator, not a relative!”

  1. Dan V. says:

    Wow, I had enough trouble planning my own wedding, never mind someone else’s. Be sure to stop and rest for a few minutes while you enjoy that wine and take in the atmosphere. Sounds like it’s going to be a blast!

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