“Try this, not that!”

Hello there,
“Try this, not that!” will be a magical universe where I try new every-things to help make every day decisions much easier.
The best jobs I’ve had so far have been promoting at local events and visual merchandising in retail fashion stores. I’m combining the highlights of both in this blog by helping my gorgeous public make easier choices.
Have the clothes, but  can’t make the outfit? Need advice on how to deal with a customer? Want to find the nail polish of the season that won’t chip? If I haven’t found it already, it’s definitely on my list. I’m always looking for the best product, with the best price and features. I’ll review and compare popular products, give advice from my years of customer service, test out the latest trends in fashion & beauty and try as many new things as I can.
I’m very optimistic and am hoping for much success. With all success however, comes a degree of failure which, I’ll also be posting.
I’m completely open to suggestions. If there’s something you’re wanting to try, perhaps a restaurant, grocery store, or maybe if you can’t find the right scarf to match your outfit, comment on a post or tweet @Sarah_Tone and I’ll try to find the best, for the best!

Magical indeed.
Enjoy the ride.

-Sarah Tone


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